Entry for January 26, 2009

Cat’s Eye/Yellow Fever

I was walking in the evening, I was looking for something good, clean, fine, pure, straight, but insteed I found the bunker wall and gate.
It was open – I was free, I gave a token guarantee, though I later knew I had promised more, with an I.O.U.
I could scarcely score my way, but I herald Apocalypse anyway!
(I was a prime believer in the faith of ‘I’ – yellow fever in the cat’s eye.)
And it’s everything you want/own/love/hate/touch/dream/trust. And it’s everything you need.
I got a heart like a rocket, I was out of control, I’d cleaned out my pockets for some luck to show.
Really looking like a hopeless case, I found it in my hand, it was the Angry Ace.
He wants to talk to me, one on one, he wants to give me his professional opinion, but I’m running, I just can’t wait, I haven’t got a moment to anticipate, yes, I’m running, I just can’t stop, I’ve got to get to the bottom just to get to the top, I’ve got the dark alleys and the open skies. I got the yellow fever from the cat’s eye.
I’ll let you know how it goes in the ninth life.

9 răspunsuri to “Entry for January 26, 2009”

  1. Mesmeea Says:

    pentru zile si nopti tulburi, de ascultat one of my fav, van der graaf generator cu melodia cat’s eye/yellow fever (de pe albumul the quiet zone/the pleasure dome). iar in imagine, peter hammill intr-un portret cam jimmorissonian, fiindca de obicei peter nu arata astfel…

  2. Artemis Says:

    Ne place Peter Hammill si stim noi de ce!

  3. Mesmeea Says:

    hmmm, oare trebuie explicat acest „stim noi de ce”?

  4. Artemis Says:

    Eu spun ca nu. E un an de cand il ascult. Intr-un mod compulsiv-obsesiv.

  5. Mesmeea Says:

    compulsia e o recidiva ciudata, uneori lecuitoare, de obicei imbolnavitoare…

  6. Artemis Says:

    Mesmeea are dreptate…

  7. Mesmeea Says:

    mesmeea stie ce stie (la rindu-i) de la altcineva…

  8. corina popescu Says:

    n continuare. I lost all the nine lives. Vă recomand The Cat Empire-The Lost Song. De ascultat.:))

    I had nine lives but i lost all of them
    And i’ve been searching in the night
    And i’ve been searching in the rain
    I tried to find them
    But they disappeared
    They walked away they
    Dressed in black

    o zi faină!

  9. Mesmeea Says:

    de ascultat atunci! sa purcedem…

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