10 minute de Submarin iertat (mic poem simfonic)



Linkul de mai sus conține poemul simfonic (de 10 minute) al tânărului compozitor american Shane MONDS, care a fost prezentat în premieră la Seattle (cântat cu Shepherd School Orchestra la Rice University), la 30 noiembrie 2018, lucrarea sa muzicală pe baza cărții Submarinul iertat, volumul experimental de poezie scrisă de mine împreună cu Andrei Codrescu. Iată prezentarea din broșura concertului (la care au asistat 1200 de spectatori).


Submarinul Iertat (Forgiven Submarine) was written in Romanian by email by Ruxandra Cesereanu, a well-known Romanian poet, founder of the Oneiric Movement (Dream School) and Andrei Codrescu, an American poet born in Romania who emigrated to the U.S and started writing in English at the age of nineteen. The two poets explored a language that was both current and forgotten by means of this mysterious „submarine.” When it was late night in New Orleans it was daytime in Transylvania, and vice-versa. The poets wrote in a trance of insomnia, alternating voices as „woman” and „man,” often switching genders. The lush imagery and unusual method resulted in a book first published in a limited de-luxe edition in Romania by Editura Brumar, then in English in Andrei Codrescu’s translation, by Black Widow Press. This unique experiment across languages and time-zones was highly praised and awarded in Romania, and it is often cited as an iconic fin-de-millenium experiment.

Shane Monds : Having been drawn to this work for nearly a decade, I considered setting it as a collection of songs. However, because the language is so unique and independent on its own, I found that I was better able to capture its atmosphere in an instrumental medium. I opted to create an orchestral work (similar to a tone-poem) wherein I channel the series of tableaus where small threads of imagery morph kaleidoscopically before the reader, evoking a sort of mythological (and psychedelic) delirious trance state. I hope to successfully render this poem’s distinctive surrealism; its dreamlike and often disturbing illusions; its strangeness, splendor, depth, and seductive power; and its rapidly shifting worlds that are tethered with complex and mysterious visions.

(fotografia este din concertul care a avut loc în 30 noiembrie 2018, la Seattle)

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