The Cave


Gabriela Reigh a publicat în traducere engleză poemul meu PEȘTERA (The Cave) – în revista britanică Modern Poetry in Translation. Many thanks, Gabriela!




One day I climbed inside my body’s cave

Homeless, my hair electrified with terror

I walked inside that desert

Where sleeping lions lean against each other like cathedrals

Their spines aurora borealis

their mouths and eyes stoppered

With a Niagara of sand,

Where only desert nomads know the burning of soft snow.

In my body’s cave I found a hermit

Dead, undecayed, with hands mirrored in prayer on his breast

His face turned towards the sunrise;

I touched him and breathed in the gunpowder dust.

The lions had not devoured him

The vultures had not picked clean his bones

The snakes had not spun themselves around him

Nothing would feed on that scentless corpse

Resting like an ancient fetus.

I watched him as a woman’s savage cry cut through me –

Who gave birth to you amongst lions forgotten by God,

Who can hear you crumbling in the emptiness,

Who can feel you burning like a torch wrung inside out,

Coarse diamond hermit,

Your beard growing further even now, past the soles of your feet

Your beard that will be my bed for as long as I am shuttered here

Or if I never leave

The beard that will be my wedding dress, my virgin death.



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