Writing Process

Thanks to poet Margento for inviting me to do this.  He writes about his own writing process HERE http://christanasescu.blogspot.ro/2014/03/margento-my-writing-process-blog-tour.html
1)      What am I working on?
There are two directions in my poetry – one is new-expressionist (see the books Live Zone – 1993, Garden of Delights – 1993, Fall Over the City – 1994, Kore-Persephone – 2004), another one is delirionist (see the book Schizoidian Ocean, 1998, 2005). I published also a decadent book of poetry: Venice with Violet Veins. Letters of a Courtisan, in 2002. As a new-expressionist (and neurotic), I think the poet must have a killer instinct and must be a beast so as to write at 40 Celsius degree in a completely authentic mood, ideas, images and feeling. As a delirionist, I see the poem as a sunk and inundated submarine (see my manifesto on Delirionism. A Concentrated Textbook on How Not to Stay Stuck in Reality, published on my blog Mesmeea Cuttita – this is the name of a character in my novel Angelus; the link is https://mesmeeacuttita.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/entry-for-may-01-2007/ ).
At PHANTASMA, The Center for Imagination Studies (in Cluj-Napoca, Romania), I led several creative writing workshops, some of them on poetry, others on fiction and some of them on psychedelic music. It was a strong experiment for me, also, as a leader of the workshops and as a poet and fiction writer also. The results of these workshops are presented at http://phantasma.lett.ubbcluj.ro/?page_id=28
Another extreme poetical experience were the two books I wrote at four hands: Forgiven Submarine (together with Andrei Codrescu, published in Romanian in 2007 and translated in English in 2009) and The Otherland (together with Marius Conkan, published in 2011). Both were not just poetry books, but poem-novels, in a hybrid style.
And, last but not least, another special poetical provocation for me was the 30 pages poem I wrote directly in English – Letter to American Poets as a polemic between the American style of poetry and the European one (the poem was published in 2008, in my American anthology Crusader-Woman, Black Widow Press, 2008). I continued to write, from time to time, directly in English, see some of my poems published in the review Exquisite Corpse:
This is who I am and what I wrote and published until now. This very year, 2014, I published a narrative poem-book as a videoclip, called California (upon Somes) – Somes is the river from my town Cluj-Napoca. A book-poem or poem-book about my life and my faith in poetry.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Romania is a patriarchal society and, sometimes, a mysoginistic one, so I was afraid of a lot of things when I started to write poetry. Because of these vices of the Romanian (even cultural and literary) society, at the beginning I wanted to be a he-poet and not a she-poet. I discovered myself as a she-poet gradually and in a strong way, like in a jungle. I fought to become a she-poet, but not a poetess, as this word, poetess, contains, in Romania, a disqualifying sense. Now I think I can be only a she-poet, as my poetical universe is full of a feminine spirituality and corporeality, but not in a typical gender (feminist) sense. My poetry is a search of myself almost in a shamanic way (I hope). I am a lioness (my zodiac is of a lion) and I am related to a sensual feminity, but also to an intellectual dimension (as my crusader-woman is doing a QUESTA, an initiation in herself and in the world – men, objects, animals, women, moods, language etc.)

3) Why do I write what I do?
I write because I am alive and living. I breath, I write.
4) How does your writing process work?
Sometimes I am working like in a trance (this is the reason I spoke of a shaman way!). Sometimes I am an exorcist of myself and my neurotic moods. Sometimes I am a decadent. And sometimes I am a narrative ventriloque… I am many a Ruxandra Cesereanu.

Next week’s blog tour participants are:
Radu Vancu (Sibiu, Romania, 1978) is a Romanian poet, essayist and translator. Starting with 2002, he has published six books of poems and four books of literary criticism. He has also published a children novella. Together with Claudiu Komartin, he is the co-editor of the anthologies Best Romanian Poems of the Year (2010, 2011, and 2012). He has translated novels and poetry (two ample selections from Ezra Pound and John Berryman). He works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Letters and Arts at the „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu and as an editor of two cultural magazines, Poesis International and Transilvania. He is an organizer of the International Poetry Festival in Sibiu.
Marius Conkan is a poet living in Cluj-Napoca. He published two books of poetry: Soporia (Vinea, 2009) and The Ecstasy of St. Markon (Tracus Arte, 2012). He wrote with Ruxandra Cesereanu and published also The Otherland (Cartea Românească, 2011), a story about a boy and a girl that build imaginary worlds they inhabit. He is a constant contributor and reviewer for Steaua and România literară magazines.
Florin Balotescu is the co-author of the experimental prose Splendor and a constant collaborator at Steaua Literary Review. He is also a Ph. D. at the University of Bucharest with a doctoral paperwork dealing with the concept of poetical space. He is currently involved in teaching Romanian Language and Literature at various state and private institutions in Bucharest.

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    […] Ruxandra Cesereanu, well-known poet and a very good friend had the great idea of inviting me to a Writing Process blog tour. You may read about her work and the origin of this idea here: https://mesmeeacuttita.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/writing-process/ […]

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