I know I desire I have I am (Poison)


There is here a vertigo of the things we love & hate as a sex full of opiates & shadows
There is here a moon as an onion for the witches’ brew at the margin of the districts
a special blood of the afternoon with fatal embraces
a cosmic curse for being too alive and shining monstrously
a dazzled murder of ourselves in a state of invention
A counter-revolutionary corpse with a scent of the inhuman genius
A congenital breath of possessing death as a desired nipple
This is a territory for mirroring digestive anxieties
The city as a warm scar with soft blades outside just as to open ardor and it’s corridors
I’m a fetichist whirlpooled in Mississippi’s mud
Neworphiliac as a chamber with dark lilies
I know I know I know
There is the beginning and there is the end of the beginning
The convulsion and the fur of brains & the skin of emptiness
The brutal sweet summer of drunken children
& the flesh of a passionate demon between worlds
Poisoned thirst & reconciling wounds & unborn aromas
& the purulent dream of the vicious wonderers
& the plasma of excruciating kisses
& the graveyard of solid reality gazing at hidden gardens
There is a cliché for profanations
& a repulsion for beauty through rotten diamonds
I know I desire I have I am.


4 răspunsuri to “I know I desire I have I am (Poison)”

  1. scorchfield Says:


  2. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    cred ca eventual pe maine voi incerca!
    (daca pun ceasul sa sune glorios)

  3. ora25 Says:

    pot să sun eu :)) dar n-am să sun. Ce strălucire, Mesmunda!

  4. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    ceas-cesuleț, Isidor(a) 🙂

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