Chelsea Hotel, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and my renovation

Chelsea Hotel & The Third Millenium

You are a skyscraper of the saints vagabonds
A mantra with red & black hair
Exploded in an acid trip highway
You are a raincoat for sweet paranoic human beings
with scapulars & sex loving gods
mattress tattooed magic trash gipsy cigarettes
Indian candles chocolate toys revolutionary coffee
Fountains of chess & fresh skins & freedom circus exciting
The psycho subway is always inside us
As the shaken lights are also inside
Prophecies & toilets sliding together
Thieves of silk & ugliness with pearls
Kitchens of dying tamburines & fools with flash eyes
The custumers are searching the very heart of Chelsea Hotel
Through a spaghetti vocabulary
The Unfinished is near us as a great winter
We are infected and happy in Chelsea Hotel
We are eating mystic pain and becoming soft donkies
Envolved in an electric kiss
There is no redemption anymore just a shamed vanished knowledge
Oooooh we languished for a luminescent leprosy
For a cosmic hospital where nothing is forbidden
& insanity is at free charge
& the wound is naked
& seduction is a turmoil
& nothing is nothing
& even the dust could be poetry
Neglection full with junkies
Here at Chelsea Hotel
The morphine portofolio of saints vagabonds
In exchange for a magnified life
And for the sainthood of cinnamon and transfusions
All the famous people with convalescent brains are here in Chelsea Hotel
Because to be here is a concept of life
& a snakeskin inside a Polaroid camera
Because to be here is a black-and-white shaped whirlwind
Across all the bridges & runaways & lepidopterian abductions
& esoteric doll rooms & nonsocial working butterflies.


8 răspunsuri to “Chelsea Hotel, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and my renovation”

  1. scorchfield Says:

    pentru cei ce au răbdare aberantă recomandam în același context

    „Because to be here is a concept of life”

  2. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    … stim filmul, dar e binevenita aici si numai pomenirea lui – the Nico Chelsea style and vogue!

  3. Octavian P. Says:

    Sa nu uitam de Velvet Underground.:)

  4. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    evident, Octavian, tocmai o pomenisem in comentariul de mai sus pe Nico 🙂
    (apoi mai e și tâlcul unei porecle amuzante, aceea de Velvet U – dată unei poete din vremurile noastre) 🙂

  5. M Says:

    Ce delir…
    Iggy Pop a avut zile mai bune.

  6. FID DeScribor Says:

    E foarte special si nimerit textul pentru ce se intampla acum. Aproape ca nici nu e nimic de zis in continuarea lui, ci doar de urmarit un fosnet de aer material, pe care il lasa pe langa urechile noastre zdrobite de sunete straine, un fosnet uneori de o imensa incetineala, alteori de teribila viteza, care te lasa sa ajungi pana departe, departe. Cred ca uneori, eu cel putin, avem nevoie de segmente fara dependente, de perioade in care sunt adunate cioburile lasate peste tot.

  7. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    viteza de a trăi, de a scrie, de a cânta / dansa, de a cântări tot și nimic.
    cioburile sunt utile, adesea, la un al doilea ciobit 🙂

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