little odissey

I also made ghostly visits to Isidor and her fifteen sword lilies seeking for buried beauty

And Alistair was also there under the scarlet courtain weaving an endless sentence for our precious Ezra

The two Fiorini at the age and on the edge of Dante free of will both summer and winter

And many things are set abroad and brought to mind

Gray stone-post leading and we sit here-there in the arena…


10 răspunsuri to “little odissey”

  1. ora25 Says:

    🙂 chiar îmi pare rău că n-am apucat să văd Infernul dar eram ocupată rău cu volatilizatul.

  2. echt Says:

    And there was mesmeea scouting the void with her fifth eye
    And our ears enchanted by the ultra-violent poempathy
    An indistinct and very old killer-instinct was

    The most beautiful rainy afternoon
    Laying down before us
    As the very shiny fur of the dream-fox
    Which I call

    (Dante has drunk a coffee too in his own figured three-sided world)

    -scuze pt engleza mea proasta – 🙂

  3. Describor Says:

    the cunning man no longer lies
    nor treads or sails again towards a wasted land
    he strolled and strolled until his death was numb
    he came in fur with beard and splendid scars
    he brought the prophet’s hand and poet’s shell
    the whirling blade the softest blade the fear
    the lack of image and the sparkling pitched floor
    we gaze at him we mutterred only these
    to kill the microphone that throbs in chest

  4. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    for the first fiorino (care de obicei este al doilea, in ordinea cronologica a vederii la chip) – adevarul este ca ma simt bine in strangeness 🙂
    (dante – bautorul de cafea – ar ricana aici cu o frantura din tranzitoriul purgatoriu!)

  5. mesmeeacuttita Says:

    for the second fiorino acum (pentru ca ravasul lui a intrat cu intarziere ciudata de blog – el fiind altfel the first fiorino) – probabil ca aproape intotdeauna o sa pendulam intre mana profetului si scoica poetului 🙂

  6. FID Describor Says:

    Si de aici, inspiratie, inspiratie…

  7. mesmeea cuttita Says:

    profetiile au cam acelasi tipar (chiar daca difera tematic), dar scoicile sunt intotdeauna altfel sidefate/colorate si incochiliate 🙂

  8. Valeriu Gherghel Says:

    Am sa fur aceasta „mica odisee”:))

  9. mesmeeacuttita Says:

    be my guest!
    (dar este un palimpsest, sa fie limpede!)

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