Entry for April 15, 2009

Forgiven Submarine and the battle for poetry

The Pianist (aka R. C.) and the Beatnik (aka A.C.) are fighting for poetry in New York and New Orleans as follows

Pre-battle for poetry at the Romanian Cultural Institute, New York, April 14, 8 pm

First battle for poetry at House of Poetry St. Mark’s (created by Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley), New York, April 15, 8 pm

Second battle for Poetry at Goldmine Saloon, New Orleans, April 16, 8 pm

First post-battle for poetry, April 17, University of New Orleans

Second post-battle for poetry, April 18, University of Baton Rouge

3 răspunsuri to “Entry for April 15, 2009”

  1. DeScribor Says:

    Alas, this world has craved for such battles and its cravings have often been in vain. But not now. You two have an exquisite fight and make an exclusive and inclusive and marvelously twisted plead for poetry. No Excaliburs, no armors, no magic horses this time, but silver words and emerald howls. Sunny infernos and vivid depths. Rainbow traces of your living vehicle, small incantatory oceans. May all these be poetically truthful or truthfully poetic.

  2. Artemis Says:

    Sa ne povestiti despre lupta pentru poezie din tara de peste balta.

    Hristos a inviat!

  3. Mesmeea Says:

    de-scribor, it was truthfully poetic!

    artemisiaca sa fie convinsa ca voi povesti cum a fost, dar mai incolo, dupa ce imi trag suflarea.

    Adevarat a Inviat!

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