Entry for December 31, 2008

shadowing (2)

today your destiny tiresias is of a monk going nowhere

mine as absent pythia is to be a shroud for nobody’s outside

maybe we need to drink a special wine a very red toreador

maybe we can see fury as a large room for seducers

the end of the end is a yellow taxi with brahman drivers

the storytellers can be saviors only with a gasoline kiss

I would like to sleep near your priceless skeleton my tiresias

shadowing the metropolis

just to register the fingerprints of despair

just to be stubborn in a place without saints

madness is a strange tapestry

a lace for the razors of the brain

paranoid predators are climbing the walls of an asylum

and the signs of illumination cannot be whistled

chaos is a ballet for the regrets of god

what I want is to feel and to live

to execute my darkness

to be my own landscape and fire

to be flesh and blood

up our hearts up

I feel the truth like a cage for thunder

and hell like a bone in my neck

together can we deepen the hole to its upright position

black out

miracles and wonders are crippled

and butterflies are just eaten by an electric wind coming from nowhere

the fur of our sins is a little bit shiny

carnivorous brides are descending in zig-zag from skyscrapers

searching for a nomad redemption

my words are sweet pains

they are bulimics

my words are not prophecies but lunatic laws

I am a fluid pythia over a solid tiresias

scratching the dusk of our future past death

at sunset I am overwhelmed by a human memory

and by the resurrection I’m not believing anymore

here we are in the metropolis

at the borderlines of frailty

at the crossroads of a sick mouth biting

no eagle no silk

just biting without glory.

5 răspunsuri to “Entry for December 31, 2008”

  1. Mesmeea Says:

    in imagine – leonor fini. cam asa mi-o inchipui eu pe medeea. o medee-samurai.

  2. Artemis Says:

    Imi place ideea de Medeea-samurai!

    Sa dansati mult in noaptea asta, you know what I mean. Magic New Year!

  3. Mesmeea Says:

    magic dance for one hour only! ar fi zis femeia-samurai?

  4. cruz.eschimos Says:

    cit de stimulator ar fi/este sa incepem 2009 sub semnul umbrei?

  5. Mesmeea Says:

    creator vorbind, umbra este stimulatoare (si apoi poate ca exista inclusiv o umbra ALBA!). uman vorbind, intr-adevar, hmmm, nu e prea incurajator sa stai (mereu) sub semnul umbrei (dar poate ca din cind in cind nu strica).

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